About Ranger Capital

Ranger Capital Group is an employee-owned investment company founded in 2001.  We provide full, back-office support for our investment teams, including operations, compliance, technology, marketing and distribution.

At Ranger, we are vigilant stewards of investors’ capital by maintaining the highest ethical standards. We build clients’ trust by favoring long-term returns over short-term gains.

Ranger’s founding values – outstanding client service, an innovative approach to investing, operating cost effectively, and acting with integrity – still guide us today

At Ranger, we’re all client service professionals.  From our leadership team to our newest hires, we share an unwavering focus on creating a better investment experience for our clients.  At the core of the decisions we make, no matter how small, we ask ourselves: “Is this the right choice for our clients?”

We encourage innovation and creative thinking, and believe that a mentality of “this is how we’ve always done it” is the enemy of success.  All Rangers have the authority to bring new ideas forward and see where they lead. Because we understand that every great idea began as a new idea.

Ranger Client Services

Ranger’s client service group keeps our current and prospective clients informed and well represented.  Merely meeting your expectations is not enough; we’re here to exceed them.

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We operate efficiently and effectively, so that our firm can withstand and thrive in constantly changing markets.  This means constantly improving how we do business, understanding the difference between practices that make sense and those that need replacing.

We etched integrity into our company’s DNA at our founding.  It’s been a critical part of how we do business ever since.  All of our employees, regardless of their title, understand that making the ethical decision is what it means to be a Ranger.